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Groovy David has been creating one of a kind live music shows for over 7 years. His live music, puppet and dance extravaganza called The Groovy David Show has been seen at The Skirball Center, McCabe's Guitar Shop, The Grove and in various locations across South Florida. His albums can be found on I-tunes , Amazon and in the CD Baby store below.


      Parent and me classes that explore the music that moves you!

Boogie Time Classes goal is to expose your little ones to the incredible variety of our musical culture, through inventive storytelling and creative movement.

The six class course will expose your little ones to six various genres of music

*50's   *60's  *Disco   *80's   *Classical   *Kitchen Sink (all genres)


                                  HOW TO GET STARTED

Step 1: Gather a Group: 6 to 10 little ones and their parents are highly encouraged

Step 2: Pick a Place: We will bring the party to you! Need an open area to jump around and a power source

Step 3: Book it: Contact David Brownstein at 310-614-8060 or by email at